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Customizing Products to Meet
Customers' Needs

Sukgyung AT provides a wide variety of inorganic powders in ultra fine to
micron size in order to meet customers’ needs. These tailor-made ultra fine
particles are also available with dispersion forms in various solvents and
organic polymers so that customers can easily and simply apply the
products for their applications. Here at Sukgyung AT we are always ready to
listen to our clients’ requests for customization.

Dental fillers, cosmetic nanomaterials

Bio Division

While developing highly
advanced technologies for our
bio product line, Sukgyung AT
also cares about the
environment – we strive to
provide eco-friendly and healthy
risk-free products.

Inorganic Nanomaterials for Electric / Electronic

Electric / Electronic

A leader in nano technology,
Sukgyung AT provides many
inorganic materials that are both
innovative and extremely pure,
allowing them to dramatically
improve the performance of
electric/electronic components.

Ultra fine nanoparticles as Coating Materials

Coating Division

While maintaining high
transparency, Sukgyung AT offers
a variety of solutions with ultra
fine particles that can be used to
enhance the quality of customers'
products. Also, various dispersion
forms in solvents or organic
polymers are available and ready
for use in customers' applications.

Ultra fine nanomaterials for optical and 3d printing materials


Sukgyung AT’s various ultra fine
materials are formulated to
improve efficiency in many
applications. In addition, other
custom-tuned formulas are
available to adjust to customers’