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Pursuing Challenges and Creativity
for an Innovative Future

Sukgyung AT’s Research & Development Center focuses all of its efforts on the
development of effective and innovative materials in an ultra fine size.
Quality management is our first priority in order to provide the most reliable and
up-to-date products and services for today’s innovative market.

R&D Segments

BT-NT Integration
BT-NT Integration

Improving the quality of human life by applying materials that
are related to human health and welfare

Researching & Commercializing
  • Reformed tissue and biocompatible ultra fine material (Tissue, dental, bio-active born)
  • Variety of functional dental materials using bioglass and wear resistant dentures
  • Biocomparable glass powder
IT-NT Integration
IT-NT Integration

Improving the quality of people’s lives by applying new materials that are associated with highly functional electronic equipment and communication devices

Researching & Commercializing
  • Electronic components/ materials using ultra fine metal oxide
  • Materials of electronic components using ultra fine metal oxide
  • Functional materials for ultra fine phosphor and electrode, ultra fine organic-inorganic hybrid, and inorganic pigment
  • Coating materials of high/low refractive index and curl resistant hard coating
  • Low Dk /low Df materials for 5G applications
  • Quartz lens for UV LEDs
ST-NT Integration
ST-NT Integration

Benefitting future generations by applying new materials that are used in the aerospace industry

Researching & Commercializing
  • Negative CTE material (Coefficient Thermal Expansion)
  • New material for aerospace (Insulating film, UVC protection)
ET-NT Integration
ET-NT Integration

Improving the quality of human life by applying eco-friendly materials for better environmental conditions for future generations

Researching & Commercializing
  • Materials and products for energy savings
  • Membrane for solving the air pollutant and waste water issues
  • Functional coating materials for textile
  • Decomposition catalyst