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Better Service for Better Performance

Our challenge is to develop innovative materials that deliver
benefits to customers, the environment, and society.
We believe that open communications and strong partnerships
optimize our customers’ success.

Our solutions result in better performance for customers’ products. Our goal is to effectively support our customers for

Design Solutions for Particle 
        Size and Shape
Design Solutions for
Particle Size and Shape

With synthesis technology,
Sukgyung AT is confident in
desgining particle sizes from ultra
fine to micron size and designing
particle morphology for better
performance in customers'

Dispersion Solutions
Dispersion Solutions

Sukgyung AT is able to provide
customers with dispersion
technology so that our customers
can apply our ultra fine particles
easily and simply to ensure
compatibility with their
formulations. We are always
ready to listen to our clients'
requests for customization.

Surface Modification Solutions
Surface Modification

Sukgyung AT optimizes surface modification by controlling the surface charge of the ultra fine particles to enhance performance in customers' applications. This provides excellent dispersion conditions to meet a variety of customers' needs.

Purification Solutions
Purification Solutions

Sukgyung AT has purification
technology and produces high
purity powders up to 6N grade to meet high-end qualified products for our customers’ applications.
Please contact us for further

Commercial Quantity Solutions
Commercial Quantity Solutions

Sukgyung AT’s solutions are
providing commercial quantities
to industry leaders in a wide
range of fields all over the world,
including dental, medical,
cosmetic, toner, electric/
electronic, and coating industries.