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Dental Composite Fillers

Sukgyung AT always considers how to improve the quality of customers’ products with our innovative materials. In order to control the refractive index of materials, one of the solutions is to use Sukgyung AT’s composite materials. Especially Sukgyung AT successfully developed two different refractive indexes of Zirconium-Silicate composite. Their refractive indexes are 1.51 and 1.54 for giving better options for customers’ formulations. The silanized Ytterbium Oxide-Silicon Dioxide composite provides excellent radio-opacity and transparency while maintaining mechanical property. The silanized Zinc Oxide-Silicon Dioxide composite offers a certain level of antimicrobial property in dental products while maintaining optical translucency. Silane treatment is also available.


01. Low optical opacity
02. High radio-opacity
03. Easy to polish
04. Provides hardness and strength
05. Fine particle
06. Mono-dispersed powder
07. Easy miscible with resin

01. Dental filler
02. Catheter compound filler
03. Contrast media
Specifications of Dental Composite Fillers
Customization Available
  • Variety of particle sizes
  • Silane treatments