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High Purity Spherical Silicon Dioxide Powder

Nearly 200,000 tons of toner are produced worldwide every year, and in such an enormous market, a competitive product is all that matters. Manufactured through a sol-gel process, Sukgyung AT’s Spherical Silica Powder has been shown to decrease toner usage; therefore, it dramatically improves efficiency when applied to the external surfaces of toner particles. We supply this product in various sizes to worldwide industry leaders. Our Silica does not contain any detectable amount of RoHS elements. Furthermore, our R&D center is fully prepared to work with our customers for size customization and various surface treatments of these particles to optimize their applications.


01. Spherical Silica Powder
02. Fine particle size
03. Extremely high purity
04. Variety of surface treatments available
05. Charge(+/-) customization available

01. External additive for toners
02. Filler for PET film
03. Filler for EMC
04. Quartz
Spherical Silicon Dioxide Powder Specifications
Customization Available
  • High purity up to 6N grade
  • Variety of particle sizes
  • Various surface treatments
  • Dispersion types in a variety of solvents