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Indium Zinc Oxide for film coating

UV radiation is the most detrimental environmental factor to a coating; with its high energy, it causes the coating film to fade and deteriorate. Indium Zinc Oxide (IZO), is by far the best UV blocking material in existence, superior to other UV blocks including titanium dioxide, cerium oxide, and zinc oxide. Due to its inorganic nature, IZO is extremely durable compared to the conventional, organic UV blocks. Sukgyung AT provides ultra fine particles of IZO that exhibit this superior UV-protection while making no sacrifices in the visible range. Such high transparency makes our IZO a perfect coating for lamps and films.


01. Blocks 99% of harmful UV wavelengths (up to 385nm)
02. More than 90% of the visible range transmitted
03. Fading protection
04. Excellent durability

01. UV block films
02. UV block lamps
03. Bug-repellent lamps
Indium Zinc Oxide Specifications Please contact us for any specific needs for better performance of your products.