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Hollow Silica, Magnesium Fluoride

Anti-reflection coating eliminates stray light, enhancing the contrast of an image. This is ideal for polarized films for various glass products including LCD displays, telescope lenses, and optical lenses. Reasonably priced, Sukgyung AT’s Hollow Silica and Magnesium Fluoride (low refractive index) effectively serve this function. Due to their ultra fine particle sizes, they do not exhibit any compromises in transparency (such as hazing) typically shown in other inorganic particle coatings. In application, these materials can effectively adjust the refractive index of a given material, such as functional composite resins.


01. Low refractive index
02. Anti-reflection
03. Refractive index control

01. Polarized film for LCD
02. Glass coating
Hollow Silica, Magnesium Fluoride Specifications