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Ultra fine Zinc Oxide for cosmetic nanomaterials

Zinc Oxide has been widely used as a major ingredient in UV block cosmetics, as well as a protective additive for paint pigments. The material is capable of effectively absorbing radiation in the harmful UVA and UVB range, and this property is even more enhanced in ultra fine particles, not to mention the advantages of high transparency. Sukgyung AT provides Zinc Oxide ultra fine particles at an extremely high purity level along with surface modification and customized dispersion services that make the application process easy. Contact us now to find out how easily our zinc oxide series can fit your needs.


01. UV block
02. Transparent coatings available
03. Fading protection
04. Powder or dispersion type available depending on application

01. External additive for toners
02. Cosmetics
03. Dental composite
04. White color materials for E-paper
05. Optical lens

Customization Available
  • Variety of surface treatments
  • Special particle sizes
  • Dispersion types