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Titanium Dioxide powder and dispersion for Dental and Cosmetic Nanomaterials

Titanium Dioxide has been traditionally used in the paint industry, which is highly popular because of its superior hiding power. Sukgyung AT develops extremely pure, mono-dispersed spherical ultra fine particles of Titanium Dioxide which have also been found to be a great external additive for toners to improve their efficiency. Thanks to its shape and nature of dispersion, our titanium dioxide can also be used to improve the resolution of E-paper as well as enhance the whitening power of erasable ink. Furthermore, its spherical shape and the resulting close-packing allow it to be an excellent ingredient for dental composites as well. For cosmetic application, ultra fine particles of Titanium Dioxide completely coated with SiO2 are available to enhance the performance of customers' formulations.


01. Spherical powders
02. High purity
03. Non-porous, mono-dispersed particles
04. Variety of surface treatments available
05. Charge(+/-) customization available

01. External additive for toners
02. Cosmetics Nanomaterial
03. Dental composite
04. White color materials for E-paper
Titanium Dioxide Specifications for cosmetic nanomaterials
Customization Available
  • Variety of surface treatments
  • Ultra fine particles
  • Dispersion types in various solvents