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Transparent Inorganic Pigments

As the display industry continues to evolve, enhancement of color purity is becoming one of the most important aspects of the next generation's devices. Sukgyung AT’s Pigment series consist of inorganic materials that excel in durability and dispersion stability, making them very attractive for coating display surfaces. While filtering wavelengths dramatically improve color definition, these pigments retain their high transparency, an ideal trait for paint pigments and coating materials for automobile/motorcycle light bulbs. Contact us now to achieve amazing color without compromising luminosity.


01. High transparency
02. Elimination of 550~650nm wavelength range for dramatic
      color purification
03. Excellent dispersion stability
04. Enhancement of contrast and brightness

01. Pigment for paints
02. Coating for blue phosphor
03. Coating for automobile or motorcycle bulbs
Transparent Inorganic Pigments Specifications